Great Gut Health

Great Gut Health

The saying “Listen to your gut” is truer than you might think. In fact, this saying is backed by science. Our gut, also known as our second brain, helps us to function on a day-to-day basis. The enteric nervous system, (ENS) is a microbiome filled with different microorganisms. 

Bacteria are beneficial? You might be thinking this sounds rather peculiar, but in reality certain bacteria are good for us. The good bacteria keep our bodies balanced and functioning properly. Our goal is to eat the best foods that will nourish the microbiome inside our body.

Our gut is the powerhouse of our bodies, ensuring that food is digested properly and that the right amount of nutrients are absorbed, as well as helping to fight off infections. But what happens if our gut isn’t performing at its best? If your gut is lacking the right type of food, its function will be affected. Things like our digestive tract, our immune system, our weight and even our moods can all be altered.

Adding probiotics to our diet can help significantly with gut health. Probiotics can be found in various dietary supplements but if you are thinking about taking them, first consult a professional for guidance.

Alternatively, there are many natural foods that contain probiotics. Foods that are fermented such as kimchi, sauerkraut, live yoghurt and kombucha are all great foods to eat in order to introduce good bacteria to your gut. But start slowly and be aware of any side effects that may arise as everyone’s gut is different and unique. Fiber-rich foods like legumes, bananas, and oats are all also great foods for improving the health of your microbiome but avoid foods high in sugar as these can create more problems in your gut.

Have you noticed that when you feel a little nervous, your stomach sometimes hurts? When we are stressed, our body can enter fight or flight mode. When this happens, our body releases different hormones, which can affect the microorganisms that live in our gut. Therefore, reducing stress is just as important as diet for gut health. Next time you feel stressed, try to understand the source and find ways to relieve the stress in order to help your gut.

In conclusion, eating a balanced diet of nutrient-rich foods and decreasing stress levels are all simple ways to improve your gut health.