Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying Safe in the Sun

With summer here, the temperatures have risen. A little time in the sun is important; after all, the sun provides us with UV rays which help create Vitamin D in our body. However, the trouble arises when we get too much of these rays.

Exposure to the sun causes the body to produce melanin to protect our skin from damage. Too much exposure, though, and the melanin is unable to absorb all of the sun’s rays, leading to sun burn, where the cells have become damaged. Prolonged exposure can, over time, lead to severe skin damage and even skin cancer.

Fortunately, we can prevent the sun damaging our skin. A simple addition such as wearing a cap while driving can help us to protect our skin from the sun. Similarly, wearing sunglasses and wearing long sleeve shirts can help us to protect our skin from receiving unnecessary sun exposure. You can use sunscreen for the areas of your skin that you cannot cover such as your face, the back of your neck, and your hands.

Swimming or tanning? Make sure you have a waterproof sunscreen. Reapply every few hours to ensure that you are protected from the UV rays.

Whether we enjoy going out in the sun for leisure or are exposed to its rays simply through leading our daily lives, it is vital that we adjust our habits to prevent both short and long-term damage to our skin. Given the hot climate that we live in, sun protection is essential! The goal is to create good skincare habits for the health of our skin.