WCMC-Q’s health campaign to help transform lives during Ramadan

WCMC-Q’s health campaign to help transform lives during Ramadan

The health of the nation will be the focus of WCMC-Q’s campaign this Ramadan as it targets obesity.

The five-year Sahtak Awalan – Your Health First campaign, which is run in association with the Supreme Council of Health, has a raft of initiatives including, radio and TV programs, a photo competition and mall dietitians for the Holy Month to encourage people to embrace a healthy lifestyle for the sake of themselves, their families and their children.

With obesity a growing concern in Qatar, Dr. Abdulwahed Zainel, a Qatari graduate of WCMC-Q, has joined experts from the college providing advice to the campaign. Dr. Zainel is hosting Your Healthy Choice, a television program that is being broadcast on Qatar TV each day from 2.50pm during Ramadan. Dr. Zainel will offer advice and information on the best foods to keep your body healthy and the foods that should be avoided.

Dr. Zainel said: “We all know that poor lifestyles and obesity are serious problems in our society and that we all need to do more to live healthier lives. Small steps can lead to great strides and what better time to make those small changes in your life than the Holy Month. This year we will focus on healthy eating and the benefits of six major food groups.

“The Your Healthy Choice program will help you take the right decisions, improving your lifestyle for Ramadan and for the future.”

Complementing the television series is QF Radio’s schedule that is once again broadcasting daily health tips from the Sahtak Awalan campaign that are designed to help people transform their lives. Broadcast on both the Arabic and English frequencies at various times throughout the day, the tips offer advice on the most important foods to eat and the best diets to follow to avoid certain diseases.

Fasting is, of course, a major part of Ramadan but eating healthily at iftar during the Holy Month could do more than help your waistline, it might also win you a flight to Barcelona or one of dozens of other prizes.

Sahtak Awalan – Your Health First is asking people to take a photo of their healthy meal using Instagram with the hashtag #YHFpics, or upload the photo to the Sahtak Awalan Facebook site at


The photos that receive the most votes will win anything from flights on Qatar Airways to Barcelona, to iPads, iPhones and bicycles.

Finally, if anyone needs any advice or inspiration as to what constitutes a healthy meal, just talk to one of the Your Health First nutritionists who are in selected malls during Ramadan. Nutritionists will be in Ezdan Mall from 9pm to midnight until 6 July, and then in Landmark Mall from 10 July to 12 July. They will be happy to answer any of your questions relating to diet and the best meals to feed yourself and your family.

Sahtak Awalan –Your Health First, was launched in 2012 in partnership with the Supreme Council of Health and in association with Qatar Foundation, Qatar Petroleum, the Supreme Education Council, Occidental Petroleum in Qatar, ExxonMobil, Qatar Olympic Committee and Vodafone.

Its aim is to improve the health of everyone in Qatar by creating a population able to contribute to a knowledge-based economy, so helping the nation achieve the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.