Training Burnout

Training Burnout

Hitting the wall with training? Been part of a sport for weeks, months, maybe even years but at this point it doesn’t feel enjoyable? Don’t worry, many people feel the same. This phenomenon is called burnout.

Burnout does not mean goodbye to exercise forever, but it can indicate it is time to change up the routine. 

What are some common signs of exercise burnout? 

       Lack of desire to workout.

       Not feeling the same psychological benefits.

       Decrease in overall morale. 

While there is no single solution to burn out fatigue, there are different ways to approach the problem. 

1)    Modify your workout routine.  

Change the frequency of the routine. For example, instead of working out every day, work out every other day. This will allow for a change in routine and adequate rest.

2)    Take a conscious break!

While this may sound counterproductive, taking a break can really put things into focus again for you. From a physical perspective, it is important to allow our bodies to heal and recuperate. There’s potential that repeated exercise may cause injuries. Allowing for healing between different movements is very important. On a mental note, taking a step back from a rigorous workout routine can allow for stronger focus.

3)    Change your usual sport or activity.

It is possible that you might need more variety in your routine. For example, if you are currently practicing high intensity or strength training activities, moving to a low impact activity may prove helpful. Examples of low impact activities include yoga, Pilates, and even a brisk walk. Other ways to change up your usual activity include training with friends, taking classes, or vice versa. 

Achieving fitness is a lifelong journey. There is no set path when it comes to fitness as everyone is different. Taking a break or exploring new activities may allow for new forms of growth on your fitness journey.