Starting a new exercise regime – gently does it

Starting a new exercise regime – gently does it

When deciding to get in shape after a long layoff it can be tempting to do too much too soon, especially if you used to be extremely fit and active.

However, it is very important to ease yourself back into exercise gently in order to minimize the risk of injury and to give your body a chance to adjust to the new demands you are placing on it.

So, instead of gong straight from years of sitting on the sofa to a 10k race, start with 10-20 minutes of gentle exercise such as walking, slow jogging or cycling and see how your body reacts.

Perform light stretching exercises before and after exercise sessions and be sure to warm up and down thoroughly to avoid injury. If you are very overweight, older or have a pre-existing health condition, be sure to visit your physician for a quick check-up before you start strenuous exercises.

Once you have established a basic level of fitness you can move on to more rigorous and demanding forms of exercise.

Remember, it’s your life, your future, Your Health First.