Simple ways to be sustainable

Simple ways to be sustainable

As time goes on, there is an ever-greater need for us to protect our planet. It is crucial that we learn to preserve our resources. Simple ways of participating in a more sustainable lifestyle can start with reducing our daily use of water, plastic, and growing our own produce. This might seem like a daunting task, but there are many different ways in which one can cut down day by day.

The following article will highlight areas within your own homes, work, and daily errands in which you can make small changes. Over time, these small lifestyle changes towards sustainability can have a great impact in helping our Earth.

Personal Produce:

While in the garden, you can look into starting composting. Composting is a simple way of taking the waste from our kitchens such as fruit peels, coffee grounds and egg shells and breaking it down into nutrients for the soil. This is a great way to utilize your left-over waste and help the soil gain more nutrients for successful growth. 

Reducing your plastic:

When you go to the supermarket, instead of buying plastic bags, buy a few reusable bags. Instead of using a plastic bottle, carry your own water bottle or purchase a glass bottle. At home, try to use glass bottles, jars, or mason jars for storage. If you are using plastic, be sure to properly recycle it at a center in your area.

Reducing your water usage:

Instead of taking a 20-minute shower, cut down your shower to five minutes, turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, and wait until you have a full load of laundry before using the washing machine. These are just a few simple ways to reduce water usage. While in the kitchen, make sure you’re only boiling the amount of water that you need. If you have some water left over, use it for watering the plants outside. Furthermore, alternate with steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them to save water. Not only will you help the environment, but you will be able to get the most amount of nutrients from the vegetables!


Eating lunch at work? Have a set of cutlery  at work so you can avoid using plastic forks and knives. Grabbing a cup of coffee? Ditch the cup sleeves and plastic straws. Using a paper straw or carrying a reusable metal straw is a great way to help our environment.

These are just a handful of ways to help the planet to be a better place. Here at Your Health First, there have been a multitude of projects that have revamped the sustainability landscape such as Khayr Qatarna, Project: Greenhouse, and Yalla Natural. Kids of all ages are able to participate in creating a better lifestyle for themselves and the planet! Just like Your Health first, you too can participate in helping our lives be more sustainable! Come and join us in making the Earth a better place for generations to come.