The Benefits of Jumping Rope

The Benefits of Jumping Rope

When you think of jump rope, you might wonder how something so simple could be so beneficial for overall health.

Jump roping has been shown to improve heart health, eye-hand coordination, and bone health.

Jump rope is a great exercise you can do as a warm-up before starting your work out. It also does not take up much space. It is portable, affordable, and easy to execute. You can jump rope in the comfort of your home or even in your garden.

Studies have shown that jump rope may be as effective – if not more effective – than a 30-minute cardio workout. Given the nature of the workout, which involves many different muscle groups, the body creates a large amount of heat. In order to fuel this process, the body needs to burn more calories.

Increasing bone density: With jump roping, the impact can help with increasing bone density. Participating in jump roping for a few times a week is great for your overall bone health.

Jump roping is also a HIIT workout which is great for fat burning. One of the best parts about HIIT workouts is the post-exercise calorie burn. Even after participating in an intense workout, your body will continue to burn calories!

How to fit into your work out:

There are a lot of great ways you can add jump roping to your workout.

  • You may jump rope before your main workout as a warm-up. This is a great way to get your blood flowing.
  • You can do jump ropes between strength training sets or other cardio moves.
  • Get creative! There are so many variations you can complete with jump rope such as single foot hops, heel kicks, or even rope jacks.

Please note: Prior to starting jump roping, check your form to ensure that you are practicing with the utmost safety. If participating in high intensity exercise, make sure to only jump rope a few times a week. It is crucial that your body recovers after a HIIT workout.

With this new addition of jump roping, you will reap the great benefits of calorie burning and increased heart rate instantly! No matter what fitness level you are, jump rope is a great way to get yourself moving to the best version of your healthy self.