Hair Oiling

Hair Oiling

Hair oiling is a practice that originated in southern Asia many years ago. For centuries, people have been massaging their scalps with oil to maintain good scalp health and undo the negative effects of basic wear and tear on our hair.

It is common for us to style our hair often, which can cause immense heat damage. Coloring and dying our hair also strip the hair of important moisture and just like we need water to hydrate our bodies, our hair can also suffer from dehydration. Instead of repeated washing, oiling a few days a week is a great way to restore moisture in hair. Other benefits include hair loss prevention, improved hair growth, management of dandruff and frizz. Most importantly, hair oil is a natural remedy with few to no side effects. Hair oil nourishes hair without using heavy chemicals found in other hair products.

The most basic method of application may be overnight or for a few hours before showering. Take the oil of choice, warm it up in the hands and begin to apply. Focus on the scalp area, massaging it into the skin. You may also use the oil on the tips where you have more damage and need moisture replenishment.

Here are some commonly used oils and their benefits.

Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil is great for reducing frizz, split ends and is anti-bacterial. This oil is also rich in good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6. Both of these fats are crucial for our bodies. If you suffer from hair thinning, incorporating sesame oil can be a great help as sesame oil is loaded with many nutrients such as zinc, copper, manganese, and calcium. 

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is great at reducing frizz. While there are many great benefits of coconut oil, one of the best benefits is reducing overall damage to the hair while washing. You can apply coconut oil before or after showering. Hair is most likely to experience damage in the shower due to a change in composition of the hair cuticle. If you apply oil before you shower, you can prevent damage caused by the structural change in the cuticle. Coconut oil reduces the amount of water hair absorbs in the shower. Similarly, for application after the shower, it can be a great natural way of preventing breakage while brushing hair. 

Amla Hair Oil:

Amla fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a great source of antioxidants, nutrients and a great source of vitamin C. Ayurvedic medicine incorporates amla as an element of good nutrition as well as medicinal value.

Amla hair oil is made by mixing the dried fruit with other oils. People may choose to use oils such as coconut or sesame to create the mixture. The mixture is then filtered and purified before being ready to use. Warm a tablespoon of the mixture in the hands and apply accordingly throughout the scalp a few hours before showering.

Natural hair oils are a great way to nourish your hair without harsh chemicals. Oils offer a variety of benefits and can be bought from the organic aisle of the supermarket. It is also possible to create your own oil mixture at home and apply. Overall, these natural remedies are a great way to ensure sustainable and cost-effective hair health.