Fantastic ways to DIY

Fantastic ways to DIY

Are you confused with what to do with your newfound free time? Are there things on your list that you wish you had the time to do? Well now is the perfect time!

Here is the ultimate guide on how to participate in DIY activities while in quarantine.

Take an online course

There are so many different online resources to choose from. Taking online classes is a great way to fill in the extra time you now have available to yourself. Classes promote focus, increase your activity, and help you to connect with others while taking classes. Whether or not for professional reasons, classes are a great thing to add to your portfolio. You never know when you can use the skill gained in your class for your benefit in the future!

DIY Projects at home

Knitting? Sewing? Painting? Arts and crafts?

These are a just a handful of ideas for DIY projects. You can use this time to really hone a skill you’ve always wanted to perfect. Maybe you want to pick up a hobby you never knew about before! There are many different websites and videos online that you can choose from. Alternatively, there are also many articles available if you prefer a written tutorial.


Do you wonder if you have a green thumb? You can cultivate one now. Gardening is not only good for our environment but also good for your well-being. Plants breathe out oxygen and purify the air. Gardening promotes focus, is therapeutic and is an all-around a great contribution to our Earth. Furthermore, you can grow your own produce. Some suggestions to start off with include tomatoes, peas, beans and chilis.

Not too keen to go outside to your garden in this heat? No problem. An indoor garden is just as beneficial as an outdoor garden. Even better, an indoor garden can add to your home décor and create a beautiful setting for you and your family.


Puzzles are good for developing discipline, focus, and memory skills, and they are a great alternative to watching movies or scrolling on your phone. If you are with your family, use this as a way of bonding and working towards a common goal. Don’t have an actual physical puzzle to build? No need to worry- the internet has a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

DIY Organization: Taking it to the next level

During our usual busy schedules, we often do not have the liberty to set aside time to organize ourselves. Use this free time to create an organization guide for your home! Messy closets? With all of the extra free time, you can take this time to properly organize your areas. Label makers, or creating a specific guide can help in maintaining your organization in the future.
Start off with your closet, your bedroom drawers, and work your way to the kitchen pantry. This activity will benefit you in two ways:

  • Firstly, you will have better peace of mind living in an organized environment. While maybe you cannot always see your clutter, having an organized environment makes a big impact on the way we function.
  • Secondly, you might not even know the things you own. Going through what you have can make way for the things you don’t. This way, you won’t find yourself losing or overbuying things you already have.

There is a wide variety of things for us to choose from while we’re at home. Even if the activity is nothing major, small steps make big healthy differences in our lives!