Light, regular exercise is the key to good health. You don’t have to go crazy in the gym to keep well. Thirty minutes of light exercise five times a week will do wonders for your health.

Light exercise means makes you breathe faster, but you should never be completely out of breath.

Find a form of exercise that suits you. If you hate the gym, try walking and cycling or sports like tennis, badminton and swimming. Recruit friends to join you if you find exercise boring.

Incorporate physical exercise into family activities. Instead of going for lunch at a mall, go for a picnic in the park and take a Frisbee, kite or play with a ball.

Start slowly. If you haven’t exercised for a while, strenuous activity could damage your health. Start with walking or light jogging and progressively increase the intensity. See your doctor and ensure you’re fit to start exercising.

Regular exercise, combined with a good diet, is the best way to prevent becoming overweight or obese and can prevent conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Remember, it’s your life, your future, Your Health First.