Bust the dust to beat allergies and nasal infections

Bust the dust to beat allergies and nasal infections

Living in a dusty environment can cause misery for people who have allergies or are prone to nasal or sinus infections.

The membranes of the nose and sinuses have a fine mucus layer that traps particles and bacteria to prevent them from reaching the lungs where they could cause infections. When working properly, this mucus drains into the digestive tract where your stomach acid is usually able to neutralize any potentially harmful viruses or bacteria.

Unfortunately, this system can become compromised by a large build-up of dust that makes the mucus thicker, less mobile and less able to drain. As a result, bacteria and viruses linger longer in the nose and sinuses where they can cause infections and allergic reactions that lead to familiar symptoms like a runny nose and inflamed sinuses.

Happily, in many cases these problems can be easily remedied by rinsing your nasal cavities with a mild saline solution now and again to clean away the build-up of dust that can accumulate in desert environments. These saline solutions can be bought over the counter at the pharmacy and are fairly inexpensive and easy to self-administer.

So, if you suffer from recurrent problems with your nose and sinuses, think about giving them a spring clean. This simple measure could help to keep your nose and sinuses healthy and clear, allowing you to breathe easily once again. Of course, you should also consult a physician to have the problem thoroughly examined.

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